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2018 Spring Schedule


BLUE games are Tournament Games
RS = Regular Season
LH = Lehigh Tournament
SC = Scrimmage Game
WS = Winter Soccer
LIC = Long Island Cup

Regular Season Time Home Away Field Uniform Result
4/21/18 RS 2:00 Massapequa Rovers WS1 Green Tie 2-2
4/28/18 RS 1:50 Rovers Wantagh FPBS1 Green WIN 2-0
5/5/18 RS 10:50 W. Hempstead Rovers 5 White Loss 3-2
5/12/18 RS 1:00 Elwood Rovers 4 White WIN 2-0
5/19/18 RS 10:20 Rovers Levittown FPBS1 Green WIN 3-2
6/2/18 RS 1:40 Woodhaven Rovers 3 White Loss 3-1
**SUNDAY 6/3/18 RS 2 pm Rovers Rockville Centre FPBS1 Green Tie 2-2
6/10/18 RS 1:00 Rovers Plainview Soccer Park Green WIN 3-1
6/16/18 RS 3:20 Lynbrook Rovers 4 White WIN 4-1
Beach Bash 8/4 Time Home Away Field Uniform Result
Beach Bash #1 TBA TBA Rovers Jones Beach #? White Result
Beach Bash #2 TBA TBA Rovers Jones Beach #? White Result
Beach Bash #3 TBA TBA Rovers Jones Beach #? White Result
Globall Tournament Time Home Away Field Uniform Result
Saturday 3/31/2018 SC 1pm Rovers Lynbrook FPBS1 Green WIN 1-0
4/8/18 Sunday 11:45am Rovers Hotshots Global Bubble White WIN 3-2
4/8/18 Sunday 1:15pm Rovers LI United Global Bubble White WIN 3-2
4/8/18 Sunday 2:15pm Rovers East Coast Global Bubble White Tie 1-1
L.I. Cup Time Home Away Field Uniform Result
*4/14/18 LICUP #1 2:20 Elwood Rovers 4 Green Loss 1-0
9/9/17 RS 11:50 Levtn Lions Rovers 7A White Loss 2-1
9/16/17 RS 12:45 Rovers Mass. Heat FPBS 2 Green Loss 2-0
9/23/17 RS 1:55 Rovers G.C. Elite FPBS 2 Green Loss 3-1
*Sunday 9/24/17 SC 1 pm Plainview Sparks Rovers Mattlin MS Green Loss 4-0
10/7/17 LH 10am Rovers Fusion SJ1 White Loss 7-0
10/7/17 LH 2pm Rovers St Joe's SJ1 White Loss 6-0
10/8/17 LH 10am Rovers Baltimore L. County #4 Green Loss 7-0
10/8/17 LH 3pm Rovers Forks Storm Field #4 Green Win 2-0
10/14/17 RS 9:00 Aub. Hurricanes Rovers 2 Green Win 5-0
10/21/17 RS 12:45 Rovers V.S. Lunachics 2 White Win 3-0
10/28/17 RS 12:10 Wan. Lasers Rovers 7s Green Tie 0-0
**Sunday 11/5/17 RS 1:30 Rovers Lynb. Leopards FPBS 2 White Loss 2-1
11/11/17 RS 12:40 Wood. United Rovers 3 White Loss 4-3
11/18/17 RS 11:40 Rovers O.B. Firebolts FPBS 2 White WIN 1-0
Winter Soccer Time Home Away Field Uniform Result
12/2/2017 12:24 Rovers Flamingos 1 White Loss 3-1
Friday 12/8/2017 SC 9-10:30 pm Rovers Synergy Mitchel Field Blue Loss 4-2
12/9/2017 1:48 Rovers Farmingdale Hofstra 2 White Loss 5-1
12/16/2017 2:30 Rovers Fury 06 Hofstra 1 White Win 5-2
1/7/2018 11:42 Rovers Life 06 Hofstra 1 White postponed
1/13/2018 3:12 Rovers Hicksville Hofstra 2 White Loss 2-1
World Cup Time Home Away Field Uniform Result
1/14/18 WC 2:52pm Rovers EMSC Force 07 Coleman Bubble White Loss 2-0
1/14/18 WC 3:55pm Rovers East Meadow Coleman Bubble White WIN 1-0
1/14/18 WC 4:37pm Rovers Bklyn City F.C. Coleman Bubble White TIE 0-0
1/27/2018 1:06 Rovers Hackey Sacks Hofstra 1 White --
*DH 2/3/2018 1:48 Rovers Lynbrook Hofstra 2 Green Tie 3-3
*DH 2/3/2018 2:30 Rovers Fury Hofstra 2 Green Loss 50-0
2/10/2018 1:06 Rovers Life 06 Hofstra 1 Green Loss 3-1

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Letter To My Players
June 17, 2018

To All My Rovers,

First, let me congratulate you all on a fantastic end to the Spring season. While we still do not know if we will finish 2nd or 3rd, you have accomplished something this team has never done before, and that is finish above 5th place during the regular season.

We knew this would be a tough year for this team. Working with a new trainer, and learning a new system and positions is a tough task for any team.

We started the season, and it was hard for you. So many times you worked as hard as you could, but the results were not there. All the coaches and trainer could do is ask you to trust us and work even harder. To your credit, you put your heads down, dug a little deeper and never gave up.

Our 1st place tournament win at Globall and our 2nd place win at East Meadow were turning points for this team. In both tournaments, we faced division 1 teams. It showed what you were capable of when playing in high-pressure situations against high-quality teams.

Then in the Spring Season, when it was all or nothing for 2nd place, again, in a high-pressure situation, you went out and took second place. Parents and coaches could not be more impressed or prouder of you.

There is a great quote from the 1980 Olympic Hockey Coach Herb Brooks. It is not his most famous quote, but one that I believe applies to every team sport and definitely to our team.

"You win with people, not with talent. So the quality of the people is very important in building your team."
- Herb Brooks

Now don't get me wrong, we are a talented soccer team, but more importantly, we have 16 high-quality individuals who have embraced each other and become family.

Our team is built on trust, hard work, resiliency, and fun. These are all traits of great teams and it is something that you girls have created.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all my players for all the hard work and the sacrifices you made this year. I would like to thank you for trusting me to give you the tools you need to learn. I would like to thank you for believing in yourselves and never giving up.

You are all true athletes and when you put on your eyeblack you become fierce warriors!
The sky is the limit for what you will achieve.

I am so honored and proud to be part of this team.

Thank you,
Coach Frank

Quote of the week:
"You win with people, not with talent. So the quality of the people is very important in building your team."
- Herb Brooks

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